Today! Be there!

Worcester Screening of PROFILED

A Documentary about the Families of People Killed by Police

PROFILED is a documentary of the effect of the police killings in New York City and elsewhere on the families of the people killed by the police.

It is a very powerful and timely documentary.

It was awarded the Best Documentary at the Workers Unite Film Festival.

A trailer can be seen on the director, Kathleen Foster’s, website

There will be two screenings in Worcester. Both screenings will be on September 22 – today!

The first screening is scheduled to take place at 1 pm at the North-South Auditorium in the Student Center at Worcester State University.

There will be a panel discussion afterwards.

The second screening is scheduled for 7 pm in Suite A of the Hogan Campus Center Holy Cross College.

There will be questions and answers after the screening.

“The film is a powerful presentation of the pain and disappointment felt by families that have been touched by police violence . . .and is another link in a chain that might be used to pull us from the abyss of inhumanity (represented by police violence) that we’ve been grappling with for soooo long.”
– Dr. Delores Jones-Brown, Professor, Department of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration,

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.