Toombs update

Update re: the topless Theresa Toombs and her obscene clan.

A few months ago I wrote about Theresa “Terry” Toombs of 132 Institute Road – how she folded her laundry topless – boobs a-bouncing, lights on – infront of her giant picture window to try and “titilate” my guy (and anyone else who happened to be walking by her house). I also wrote about how Terry Toombs and her family scam the social service system – getting thousands of dollars of food, social workers, social services for free. I also mentioned that Terry loved to scream “FUCK!” “Asshole!” and to her husband, Billy, – this little gem: “FUCKIN’ COCKSUCKER!” All the time.

Well, a little publicity does nothing to change some people. A few days ago my guy was trying to get into his car – everyone’s car-door locks had apparently frozen – and as he’s working at his car door – WHAM/SLAM goes the the front door of the Toombs residence. Out their pour out of their house, clambering down their stairs. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!” Teery the Boob Toombs screams – positively screams – at one of her 40-year old “boys” or her husband, Billy, a pathetic sap, if ever there was one. This little gem sprinkled all over their West Side neighborhood just days before Christmas. The entire neighborhood aurally assaulted by Teresa Toombs.

After this little show, my guy said: “They’re low-lifes. They belong in Main South.”

No, Sweetie, the good people of Main South have just rid themselves of the PIP! Why bring in a mini-PIP with the Toombs?

They physically disgust my guy. “She waddles!” he told me. “She doesn’t even walk.”

I know, Sweetie, Terry Toombs does seem subhuman, but you’re stuck with them … .

This year my guy says he will NOT plow these losers out of their house after snowstorms. He and the Toombs have a shared driveway but he parks his car in the street and his truck in the driveway. His big truck will have no problem ramming through the several inches of snow – the Toombs may have to actually lift a shovel or two.

Last year, like the year before,  after evey snowstorm the Toombs just sat in their house looking out their window, waiting for my guy to come home with his plow to  clear the driveway and then – only then – would they go out. They have not so much as lifted a sandbox shovel to move snow. They have not offered to buy a bag of salt or sand or anything.

It is all done for free.

This year, the “low-lifes,” as he calls them, will get no assistance.

Assistance. The word reminds me of last winter, when one of their FREE homemakers came in a snowstorm and got “hung up” on the cement block in front of the house, blocking the shared driveway. I went up to the young Latina woman and tried to help. Couldn’t budge the car. I said: You will have to try to ask the Toombs. She said they wouldn’t help – Billy Toombs – the idiot father has sensitive lungs.

“Bullshit,” I told her.

And the Toombs didn’t  lift a finger for their homemaker. In 20 degree weather. They just watched as this young woman – in scrubs and a little jacket – stood outside and called a towing company. They didn’t even invite her in – their homemaker – to use their phone or to sit down in their warm house and wait for the towing company, maybe while sipping a cup of tea or coffee. To warm up while she waited for road assistance.


Nope. Not a chance.

Assistance. For free! Again! My guy said after the Toombs got their handicappled ramp (which they all walk/run down!) built for FREE by the Worc. Fire Dept., they got the company that was doing street repair in front of their home to come over to their yard to tweak their ramp for them. For free, of course. My guy said they talked with the contractors who were on another project (for the city) and got them to cover the step to their ramp with cement, so the ramp would go straight to the ground – no step. (easier for them to run all over!) My guy said  the cement guys felt sorry for these frauds and did NOT charge them for a good bit of work.

Assistance. The Toombs housesitter just emailed me. Terry the Boob wants an Assistance DOG – FOR FREE. FROM NEADS! For what? my guy said. I have to agree. Last night, there was Terry the boob walking up and down and all around her living room and dining room just fine, carrying Christmas gifts and everything. Why does she need an assistance dog? Apparantly NEADS felt the same way. They said NO to these losers. NEADS is the only social serivce agency that has DENIED these hucksters anything. Good job, NEADS!

Now, says their house sitter, the Toombs hope to get an assistance  dog from a Connecticut agancy. Cost? thousands of dollars. NOTE TO ANY SPECIAL NEEDS DOG FOLKS: DO NOT give these people a wonderful German Shepherd or Golden Retriever. I have seen the Toombs hit their old (now dead) dog Oreo! They will just abuse the dog – the way they abuse each other. Besides, they have 8 cats and the house smells like shit. When my guy did a job for them three years ago, I went inside with him – cat litter boxes filled with cat shit. Disgusting and smelly. Please! No beautiful dogs for the Toombs!

And finally: After the first Toombs story ran in my paper, InCity Times, my guy and I were on the porch and this woman, distraught, comes running up to me yelling: Are you the City Times? (She had apparently read my article on the Toombs)

I told her I was. Then she told me I was right on re: The Toomb and that she was Terry’s long lost sister – that is she hasn’t spoken to Terry and her husband Billy and sons for 15 years. She told us … well, let’s say I am researching this all and will report back. My guy was so upset as he listened to this woman, he made it a point to get me the correct spelling of their name. He found an old bill from when he did that one job for them. “T-O-O-M-B-S,” he told me. “T-O-O-M-B-S.”

And the saga of these low-lifes continues …

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