Trust Obama!

By Rosalie Tirella

Some folks on the left are disappointed in our prez. Not I! He is cool, goodlooking, smart and progressive. How wonderful to turn on the tube and see a guy who speaks well, listens carefully, reacts intelligently, has a sense of humor (a wee bit smug, perhaps) AND is pretty much the community organizer I voted for last November.

President Barack Obama still cares about families, neighborhoods and kids. He wants a health care system that doesn’t break the bank – a system that serves the guy with cancer or the girl who just broke an ankle. Not the insurance companies or the HMOs. And no, there will not be rationing of health care. And like Obama said, if you have health insurance that you are happy with and you like all your docs – then keep them. But chances are you will be paying less money for their good services.

One third of American kids are overweight  – lots of people struggle with their weight. Obama is right when he talks of good eating habits and exercise as he discussess his national health care plan. He wants a health revolution – a health care revolution. This is a good thing. Everyone I know bitches about their health insurance premiums and co-pays – way to high! Hopefully, Obama will keep rising costs in check. It is already happening as insurance companies are starting to make concessions and work with the Obama administration to craft a plan. They do not want to be left out in the cold (lose a ton of money).

And President Obama is right when he says lots of our financial institutions need MORE regulation, so that the payoff is for the consumer – not the loan guy who dumps your mortgage on someone else, makes his profit – and then good bye, pal! Having the loan guy stuck with 10% of the loan, so that he is still invested, will mean he’ll think twice about dumping the loan into junky institutions.

And yes, Wall Street folks will still make a bundle of dough, but we won’t have bare knuckled capitalism (exploitation, etc). Teddy Roosevelt busted the trusts, FDR gave America a New Deal. Obama will give Americans a REAL Deal, a real (more honest) economy, a more judicious health care system, a cleaner environment.

Let’s stop calling Obama’s plans socialism. O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Coulter and the rest of the right wing-nuts must not scare middle-class Americans away from this president. The middle-class will come out on top. And the folks at the bottom will have a fighting chance at the middle.

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