Tuesday wrap-up💐💐💐!

Sheltering in place with my white chocolate😢☕and cups of java. …
Today: Rose and white chocolate chips stash

Pathetic. On the other hand, Chef Joey is in France wisely sheltering. …

Chef Joey and Gigi

Just in from Joey☀️: QUICKIE HEALTHY RECIPE …
GARLIC is a great anti-infammatory food, maybe even nature’s antibiotic!

text and garlic pics: Chef Joey👏👏👏😊:

Chef Joey file photo:R.T.

We all use a lot of garlic. Here’s a quick tip!

😊Make a little batch of garlic paste, put it in a jar, keep it in the refrigerator. Every time you need garlic to make a salad dressing special or for cooking, you’re ready! You have your fresh chopped garlic! You can use this to make bruschetta, or use as a base of your pizzas or use to add extra flavor – or even to add just a little zip to your a.m. toast. It’s simple, delicious, inexpensive and healthy!

Garlic cloves …

… – with the pressure of your BIG knife, crush them …
… move your wide knife in a back-and-forth direction until the garlic is completely flattened, add butter, pinch of salt if desired, and put your garlic paste in a little jar – for the fridge. Don’t forget the topper!

P.S. I’m making cookies tomorrow with Gigi! Will send recipe♥️

Another recipe just in from Joey:

So while you are making your chard pie, make soup with the stalks!

– just chop …

… add onion …
… and 4 cloves of garlic.

Sauté in a little oil until tender.

Add the Swiss chard, washed and chopped, to the mix and 2 large potatoes peeled and chopped …
two, please!

Add 6 cups of water and cook until until tender. Blend with an Emerson blender and add 1 cup mild or better yet Greek style plain yogurt

Salt and pepper and that’s it!