Turtle Boy blogger is Aidan Kearney is Mary Mullaney, former Worcester School Committee member … is poison to the community

By Rosalie Tirella

You all should know:

The Turtle Boy (sports) blogger is Aidan Kearney, son of former Worcester School Committee member Mary Mullaney.

Aidan is the main writer, salesperson, editor/webmaster for the Turtle Boy sports blog, a repository of all things racist, classist and community-destroying. His ethos, values and EXTREME RIGHT WING wing-nut political perspective is embodied on his racist, shit-spewing Turtle boy blog.

Years ago I had the distinct displeasure of interviewing his mom Mary MULLANEY, right after she was first elected to the Worcester School Committee. Crimped, arrogant, emotionally constipated are the words that best describe Mary Mullaney, Turtle Boy’s mother.

When I interviewed Mullaney I discovered she was every urban school system’s nightmare! She was anti-abortion rights, anti-condom distribution in schools, anti-sex education in schools, anti-teaching any book in English classes but the GREAT BOOKS. I also felt she was anti-poor students – many of them black.

Mullaney did not believe in spending ANY MONEY ON ANY PROGRAM for poor kids. Any money period. She was un-smiling, seemed uncaring – not at all generous in the face of having to lead schools that were, still are, filled with many poor students. I felt she was the last person who’d try to understand where Worcester’s poor families were coming from. No mercy from this conservative Catholic. Holy-er than thou Mullaney.

Back then Aidan Kearney aka Turtle Boy’s mum, Mary Mullaney, and her ilk were getting onto school boards all over the country. THROUGH help from conservative Catholics who were terrified of sex education and condoms in schools … and through SURVEYS ENDORSING MULLANEY AND HER CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WING COHORTS. These surveys WERE DISTRIBUTED IN CATHOLIC CHURCHES all over the city and all over the country, depending on the political race. It was very controversial back in the day.

Mary Mullaney and her EXTREME, CONSERVATIVE COHORTS were called religious right STEALTH CANDIDATES back then.

Backed by the Christian Coalition, they were. The Christian Coalition was a national force in the 1990s. A national conservative movement. Think NEWT GINGRICH, Ralph Reed and you’ll begin to get the picture.

CHRISTIAN STEALTH CANDIDATES LIKE MARY MULLANEY rode that turtle, er, conservative wave into public office. It also helped Mary that she had an Irish surname and the same surname as THE BELOVED MULLANEYS OF WORCESTER. Worcester voters thought she was related to the beloved Judge Mullaney, a Worcester icon. Nope. She was from the Mid West, went to Notre Dame law school and found herself in Worcester when her husband got a bio research job here. Mary was all vinegar, no honey. She was the source of GOD’S LIGHT coming to smite down fornicators like me and teens who had sex and adults who had sex and didn’t use the Catholic church’s fave method of birth control – the rhythm method.

Because Mary and hubby were on the rhythm method they had about 20 kids. The loathsome Turtle Boy (Aidan Kearney) was, unfortunately, one of the little CONSERVATIVE IRISH CATHOLIC buggers that she popped out.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Turtle Boy sports blog is nothing more than a 35 year old Mary Mullaney on testosterone injections. We see her conservative, arrogant, narrow minded, racist perspective all over Aidan’s/the Turtle Boy’s blog. The same RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN crap but updated for 2016 via her son Aidan Kearney: on a blog, on social media, with videos, selfies and a cute cartoon turtle logo. But it’s still the same narrow minded, prejudiced, hateful, community destroying stuff.

If you agree with Turtleboysports, you agree with Mary Mullaney, Ralph Reed, the Christian Coalition, Newt Gingrich … Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, the Tea Party brigade and … yes, Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney, as DANGEROUS a person who’s ever held public office in my city, Worcester.

Like Turtle Boy Aidan Kearney, Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney is a racist and a true community destroyer.

Be very afraid, Worcester.