UBUNTU: “I am because we are ”

By Parlee Jones

Peace and Blessings Worcester People. Summer has quickly left us and autumn
is here with a chill. I have mentioned Ubuntu before. It is an African philosophy that means “I am because we are.”

For me it means we are better together.
We are all here on this planet and we all deserve knowledge, wisdom, understanding,freedom, justice and equality, food, clothing and shelter, love, peace and happiness.

Also known as the 12 jewels.

Thre are enough resources on our Mother Earth that no one should be without the necessities of life. Not to mention clean water!

I have been thinking about Ubuntu through all of the things that have been happening. I know the hows and the whys of racism and class. I know, but my Pisces heart won’t let me accept it.

From police shootings of people of color in the streets, to the Dakota pipeline that is still not mentioned on the national news. From refugees dying in the ocean trying to reach safety,
to pictures of shell shocked Syrian babies popping up on our computer screens.

Watching the presidential debate was painful. Either way, in my opinion, the have nots are in trouble. I am a have
not. I am blessed to have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and a means of income to help stem the tide every two weeks, but I struggle also. My heart struggles daily with others tales of woe.

Fires in California. Water and floods in Iowa. New Orleans never recovered and
hit again. The continued battle in Dakota by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all their BEAUTIFUL ALLIES including BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Our planet is crying. People are in pain. As Bob Marley said … So Much Trouble in the World!!! There was an anthropologist who had been studying the culture and habits of a tribes somewhere in Africa. He had been working in that village for sometime and the last day of his stay, he proposed a game to the children of the village.

He prepared a big basket of fruitand treats from the region and placed it under a tree. He marked a line on the earth a few meters away and instructed the children to run at the count of three, and whoever reached the basket first, would be entitled to enjoy it on his or her own.

So the kids did as instructed, but the result came as a surprise to the anthropologist: all the kids ran together, holding hands, towards the basket, and when they reached it, they shared all that was in it.

He asked the children why they had done such a thing when one of them could
have gotten the whole basket for him or herself,and a little girl answered: “How can one of us be happy if all the other ones aren’t?”

• CARING, which is the awareness that what affects one may affect many anlnd the recognition that we are all bound together, that there is a oneness to humanity.

• Having EMPATHY for the members of our communities, and the ability to
understand the feelings or the situation of others from their perspective.
So ubuntu means love, truth, peace and goodness. Nelson Mandela was a big ad-
vocate of ubuntu and its concepts of connection, community and mutual care – not just about the interaction between human beings, but also between people and nature.

Ubuntu is very important in Africa and should also be so worldwide, as the world needs a common guiding principle of human values.