UMASS MEMORIAL HEALTH CARE CHUMP CHANGE! Remember the Plumley Village Health Clinic!!

By Rosalie Tirella

Rose just turned 60. Low-income writers need access to great inner-city health clinics so they stay healthy! pics:R.T.

Yeah, UMass Memorial Health Care system just donated a cool million$$ for Health Equity initiatives in Worcester, but (a few years ago) they CLOSED THEIR PLUMLEY VILLAGE HEALTH CENTER! They did the health care damage they are trying to undo now with this one-time contribution. Pennies …

Two years ago Worcester city councilors, the public housing project’s families and the center’s patients, from PLUMLEY, begged UMass to keep their UMass health center open. For their physicals. Their health screenings, diabetes screening and monitoring. Asthma help. Pediatric care. Vaccines. Nutrition counseling. Xrays. EKGs. Referrals.

UMass Memorial health care shut down their terrific Plumley Village Health Clinic a few years ago – it was a place where low-income Plumley residents could get medical help for diabetes and other health issues.

The Plumley families cited the great health care they got at their health center, a 2-minute walk from their apartments. Many residents don’t have cars. … They said their families KNEW THEIR DOCTORS AND NURSES – and loved them. Advocates said poor folks from PLUMLEY HAD CONSISTENT HEALTH CARE at their UMass clinic, MUCH OF IT PREVENTIVE … which saved society $$$$ in the long run. But no, UMass, like any corporation seeking to save millions $$$$, was adamant and cold. The UMass Memorial president and board of directors opted for the brutal way: take out the Plumley beloved docs and health care providers of this inner-city clinic, remove the diagnostic equipment and close its doors … forever.

Type 2 Diabetes can worsen as you get older, if you don’t have medical assistance. Many people of color and poorer folks struggle with diabetes and are helped at neighborhood health clinics.

Now UMass Memorial throws this bone to Worcester’s poor.

Chump change.

They think we’re stupid. Remember: UMass Memorial health care recently received a $175 million DONATION!!!! Which the UMass poo-bas say they’ll use for RESEARCH. Screw the city’s poor! Screw great public health care!

The people of PLUMLEY VILLAGE want their UMass neighborhood health clinic back!! UMass must use some of their $$$millions upon millions of dollars they just received as THEIR BIGGEST DONATION EVER to REOPEN THE PLUMLEY VILLAGE HEALTH CENTER.