United Way of Central Mass. event and STAMP OUT HUNGER

In just a week, on Tuesday, May 12 …

the United Way of Central Massachusetts will hold its Annual Community Celebration; the 95th such gathering that we have held.

Meeting at historic Mechanics Hall here in Worcester. Registration begins at 4 pm; program commences at 4:30 pm.

Celebrating the accomplishments of individuals and organizations who have made a difference in the life of OUR community.

Join with us as we bring recognition to such wonderful Worcester citizens as:

Saul Feingold

Marie and Mike Angelini

Scott Conti … and more! 

Join with us as we celebrate the achievements of:

One City One Library

Paul Cummings – a VITA volunteer

The Pink Volunteers of Reliant.

Celebration will open with a fantastic group called “Fools On the Hill”!

Tuesday, May 12, at Mechanics Hall; please RSVP to: cmcmanus@unitedwaycm.org


This Saturday, May 9

USPS Letter Carriers Food Drive, “Stamp Out Hunger”

This April the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute released a report telling us that Worcester gained in ‘food hardship’ and …

One in five households in Worcester now struggle to put meals on the table.

It is easy to participate in “Stamp Out Hunger” – anywhere in America, for it is our country’s largest food drive.

This week peruse through your food cabinet, select nonperishable items (NOT expired) that you would be willing to share – to donate.

Place those food items in a bag or bags. Put the bags in or next to your mailbox early Saturday morning.

Your letter carrier/mail delivery person will collect the donated food and deliver it to a local food pantry or food bank.

In Worcester last year close to 400,000 pounds of food were collected.

And the need continues to grow. THANK YOU for choosing to participate in Stamp Out Hunger!