We got Doug Chapel!

By Rosalie Tirella

Hooray! This afternoon, I met Doug Chapel, the long-time Worcester magazine cartoonist who got an EMAIL from Worcester mag editor Jim Keogh saying … SEE YA! To be dumped via email after several years of great work … Once again Jim Keogh and company prove themselves to be sans soul. (When they first took over Worcester magazine they jettisoned 95% of the staff, after giving everyone the impression that they would keep their jobs.)

Doug and I chatted about bringing his strip to InCity Times. Good news: we’ll be running it, starting next issue, which hits stands next Friday! And in the old half-page format so people can actually read it! (Worcester Magazine shrank it before zapping it.)

This makes us proud/happy. When we first started out, seven and a half years ago, Doug did illustrations for InCity Times – great stuff! But he wanted to go; so we said (sadly) good-bye. Now he’s back! Doug is an artist – he NEEDS to draw his strip – and he is a lover of all things Worcester. It was great to see him again and re-experience his passion for Wormtown. Worcester needs to LISTEN to creative people like Doug and give them a forum (or we will lose them to Providence or Boston). We must not all march lock-step into zombie-dom. It’s funny – for all the supposedly free media we have out here, papers, etc – everyone still seems to march to the same hackneyed beat drummed into folks’ heads by the usual suspects.

Such a shame.

Here’s to Doug Chapel! Long may he draw!

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