We love it when you love us!

Headed out today …

… to work on InCity Times, and this lovely lady, walking with her son in Quinsig Village, saw me heading into the store and shouted: ROSALIE!

Then Laura – her name’s Laura – looked into the back seat of my jalopy and shouted: JETT!


Laura knew us! And she was excited to meet us! Laura gushed: she LOVED InCity Times!!! and she gave us 20 reasons why! Her reasons bowled me over!

I’m THRILLED that, after almost FOURTEEN YEARS, people are still jazzed about us! Engaging with us. WOW.

And then Laura said this to me: “Your picture [on p. 2] doesn’t do you justice!  You’re beautiful!”

Thank you, Laura! Double happiness hug!!

– Rosalie Tirella