We thank the Occupy Movement …

… for opening the country’s eyes … for changing the political discourse (made a big difference election time!) … for advocating for the poor, the dispossessed, the average guy/gal, the working class bloke/blokette, the middle class … . For showing the world the USA is more liberal, more multi-voiced, much more INTERESTING than Romney and the Republicans want to admit. … Love this Shepard Fairey … R. Tirella


Shepard Fairey images: The Protester

The work of Shepard Fairey

The Protester (2011)

“I really identified with the Occupy movement when it began. So when Time magazine came to me at the end of 2011 and said: ‘We’d like you to do our Person of the Year cover, which is about The Protester,’ I only really wanted to do that if I could make as much about Occupy as possible. They sent me a lot of reference images and this photograph of [Occupy LA protester] Sarah Mason was really powerful.” – Shepard Fairey

We also love these silk screens. This guy is political – a street artist.  Spread his messages around. Maybe make some cool holiday cards …   R. Tirella:



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