“We want Bernie – Worcester” pushing ahead into Rhode Island and New York

By Jim Coughlin

The local group of supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has not been deterred by the huge win for former Vice President Joe Biden in the 14 primaries known as Super Tuesday on March 3.

Under the banner of “We want Bernie, Worcester” the campaign has continued to galvanize supporters by sending volunteers into both New York and Rhode Island for their upcoming primaies in April.

Worcester loves Bernie!♥️ pics submitted

In an interview Tuesday, Mary Depew, a Sanders organizer here, said she was pleased with the city’s primary results.

According to Depew, the local effort consisted of door-to-door campaigning, registering voters and having poll workers at each of the city’s five early voting locations before the primary.

“Bernie took Worcester, this time, last time Hilliary [Clinton] won [in 2016],” she said. “We feel our work really paid off.”

Sanders came in first place with 8,837 votes, Biden came in second place with 8,215 and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was third with 4,388.

The Woo Bernie brigade!

Depew emphasized that the Worcester group is not officially part of the larger national campaign but is a tottally separate campaign effort.

Even before the took takes place in four more states on March 10th, the local group here had already begun to campaign for Sanders in both Rhode Island and New York for their April 28 primaries

“We have already sent volunteers to Providence to door knock. We are sending a group to New York, too, over the next few days, to Kingston (Rhode Island) again to door knock and register voters, too. We feel re-energized and are moving forward stronger than ever, “ she said.

Depew praised the work of the volunterrs who have rececently joined the Sanders effort in these two states, calling them, “ young, tireless and motivated.”

“It feels so good to be working across the generations for Bernie,” Depew said.

The volunteers recently campaigned in Rhode Island and Depew called that particular effort “ an example of valuing our diversity and using it to our advantage.”

After campaigning door to door, the group later stopped by at a local restaurant for some hot dogs and French fries.

“While canvassing in Rhode Island, one family of five invited me in, insisted I come in for a doughnut…All five people were for Bernie,” she said.


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