We’re officially off break and have just begun working on the next issue of InCity Times …


Rosalie heading out to sell ICT ads! January  2, 2015.

… We hit the stands next Friday! I am so glad our beloved Ronny O’Clair is back with us! (see post below! ) I missed his colorful, sharp writing! And we’ve got newbie Gordon Davis to join our merry band of pranksters!  And relative new comer Chef Joey has inspired me to actually open the oven door and bake! Fun!

There are so many great contributing writers who make InCity Times shine.  Believe it or not, I reject a lot of interns who want to work with me because their writing is so lackluster. (What’s up with our colleges?) The writers I choose to showcase in the pages of ICT may not have a college degree or a perfect, bull-shitty resume. They may live in the ghetto like me. Their vehicles, like mine, may clank and clunk thru the streets of Worcester. . .. But they have real ability, raw TALENT. They just getcha from the get-go!

So here’s to a rollicking 2015! Write on, ICT!! Write on!

– Rosalie Tirella