What are Sarai Rivera’s plans for District 4? She hasn’t told a soul!

By Rosalie Tirella

It’s funny, but with all the hero-worship/cult of personality going on around soon-to-be D-4 city councilor Sarai Rivera and all the threatening phone calls Rivera’s team has made to people who worked for D-4 incumbent Barbara Haller during the recent election (irrate calls to our mayor, to Congressman Jim McGovern, to the family health center and (yesterday) to me! I knew you all would call – and whine about reverse racism. (Let’s hope the Sarai Rivera camp doesn’t play the race card every time someone disagrees with her or gives her a thumping (just like most polititicians experience in the press – I have taken city councilors Ric Rushton, Joff Smith to task for years!).

But I digress.

You would think some of the folks at Sarai Rivera’s camp would actually encourage her to behave like a public leader/new city councilor and come out with some IDEAS and PLANS for District 4.

Plans, goals, ideas – even campaign promises!

She hasn’t! Ever!

I have never ever seen or heard of any Sarai Rivera policy points, campaign issues, etc.

What are Sarai’s plans for District 4?

Pro-halfway house folks have written to me, hinting that Rivera will support them/the houses in District 4. On the other hand, Sarai met with funeral director and Main South biz owner Peter Stefan a few weeks ago and told him NO WAY was she an enabler – no way were folks going to get something without work. Peter said Sarai sounded an awful lot like … City Councilor Barbara Haller. Or at least Sarai did then, with Peter – at that moment.

What does Sarai Rivera stand for? Really?

Worcesterites need to know.

One thing’s for sure: The anti-Haller brigade got behind Rivera, just like they got behind past Haller challengers Grace Ross, Lynn Simonds. They have always failed because most people in D-4 liked the way Haller was caring for the district. This time around the Haller-haters (Kevin Ksen, etc) were sharp enough to keep the pro-PIP/half way house/social liberal/Bill Randell-real estate developers-who-hate-the-Main-South-CDC-and have always come out against Haller AND combine this brigade with a new group of people: Latinos, Latino church folks.

This turned out to be the killer combo – their usual anti-Haller brigade and the new Latino/Latino church contingent.

But the question still is: What will Sarai do for District 4?

Residents need to know.

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