What the hell, Spencer?!

Photos and text by Rosalie Tirella

A few days ago, I found this tumbleweed up against my Spencer front door (the back door is boarded up – not an exit – illegal…):
An old coot who, as a constable, delivered an eviction notice, but whom I sent off his nut when I told him: She (landlady Brydee Riccard and her incapacitated mom) can’t evict me in 30 days! This is in retaliation for me going to the Spencer Board of Health! To report the apartment’s problems – like no heat source upstairs! I have six months!

And I took his photo – perfectly legal.

And just like that, the ancient constable lunged at me, Old Spencer-like, in my kitchen, and he started jabbing his crooked finger into my face and screaming: LADY DON’T take my picture! The dogs barked! I slammed the door! In his wizened puss!

Sorry, bup. I bet you’ve heard of lifestyle bloggers – recipes, fleece blankets, greeting cards made from recycled paper and all that crap. Well, I’m a ROSE LIFE BLOGGER – I write about my life – always have, since I was 10. And it, like life, is always complex – and real.

So, my landlady Ms. Riccard and her Ma got this letter from the Spencer Board of Health a few days earlier:

… after I had the young, cool, competent Spencer official go through my entire apartment and check out my porches. She took a bunch of photos, was totally professional. (Is she, along with a few other hardy souls, the anti-dote to the corrupt good ol’ boy/gal Spencer Crowd? Hope so!)

When I visited town hall the week before to file my compaint, the officials there said, in the know: Yep. We know Brydee and her mother. We know them – and their buildings …

The Town of Spencer letter, listing violations and solutions, was pretty straight forward (and solutions inexpensive):


But this Spencer old timer money crowd rolls the illegal, low-life way – the way they have for decades – exploiting, short-changing and bullying Spencer’s poor! So I got this:
Classy. Not even typed…

And, like so many old time Spencer money families, they wallow in bully behavior. Was that Brydee’s girlfiend on my frontporch making noise, removing weeds from my little vase?

She (and Brydee) live right across the way from me!

I will have to notify the Spencer police.

Years ago they were taken over by the state police because they were deemed so corrupt. This Spencer police department seems pretty ok, reasonable and by the books.

Spencer! You have 6 people in your restaurants Friday nights! Your public library is closed almost half the week! Your street lights are dark AFTER DARK! YOUR HIGH SCHOOL IS HALF-FILLED with students. YOU HAVE MORE SENIOR CITIZENS THAN YOUNG PEOPLE! – OLD TIMERS WHO ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE LAWS – AND THE 21ST CENTURY!

YOU NEED NEW BLOOD, NEW people, new ways of looking at and dealing with the world!

To survive as a bustling, cool town!

Old, white, bullying and ignorant is no way to go through today’s world!

Start a real recycling program, for God’s sake! Everyone in town should be able to recycle – at no cost!

Fix the shitty buildings’ busted windows in your diwntown!

Change now!

Ms. Riccard and Ma, see you in court!

And this apartment will be brought up to codev- have screen doors, an unbarred exit, heat up stairs … for the next poor family/person! Its OUR RIGHT!