What’s up at RCAP SOLUTIONS on May Street?

By Rosalie Tirella

Why must Sally scream at clients? pics: R.T.

Wow. Just processing my totally dysfunctional experience at RCAP (Housing) Solutions on MAY STREET, WORCESTER re my housing voucher. SALLY NIEVES, deputy director, couldn’t make our 11 a.m. appointment, so a Melissa did the paperwork with me. Gal pal Vo, a case manager from St. Paul’s Outreach, was there as a witness, advisor.
Melissa approved me…gave me my voucher packet, told me: I WANT TO HELP YOU! I HAVE A DOG – I KNOW!

Gal pal Lee Hall from the City Code Dept was outside minding Jett and Lilac. She’s their godmother.💕🐕

A half hour later my gal pals and I were outside SO HAPPY for me! Finally! LEE was offering advice and congratulations.

BACK ON the ROAD: 5 minutes later I get a call from RCAP, from this bizarro broad on biz card – Sally Nieves. Sally started SCREAMING AT ME: I JUST NULLED AND VOIDED YOUR VOUCHER, Rosalie!!!! YOU NEED TO WATCH A VIDEO!!!

I said, Melissa did not tell me that, Sally. I followed Melissa’s directions just now. I was just there!

Sally Nieves continued her yelling, her tirade …

RCAP SOLUTIONS – Worcester’s “premier” housing agency – is located on May Street in Worcester.

I called HUD WASHINGTON D.C. AND FILED a COMPLAINT against the abusive Sally Nieves at RCAP on May Street.

Sally’s as incompetent as Christine O’Connell at Central Mass Housing Alliance on Institute Road.

Central Mass Housing Alliance is located on 6 Institute Road, Worcester.


Would Sally treat a fellow Latina, a senior, that way??

To be continued …