Why wasn’t the Dixfield Street wife charged?!

By Rosalie Tirella

District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. and the WPD mustn’t let the woman at 47 Dixfield St. get away with STABBING her husband’s Siberian husky – one of the sweetest dog breeds in the world! – to death.

Peter R. Ahearn, 40, of 47 Dixfield St., was arrested Saturday on charges of assault and battery. His wife, who had fled to a neighbor’s house, told police that she had killed the dog and that her husband had hit her in the head. Did she brutally kill the husky before or after her hubby whacked her in the head?

Personally, we don’t give a shit. Just charge the broad – take her to court, too, for God’s sake. Have her have to post bail and go through the court system … . And we hope PETA can provide her husband with a kick-ass animal rights laywer so that this sicko can serve jail time.

It seems the older we get, the more enamoured we become with animals (great and small) and the less passionate we are about human beings. For the police to arrive at Dixfield Street and see Mr. Ahearn sitting on the curb aoutside an apartment building – with his dog, dead, beneath a blue tarp shows me just how far South our society has gone. No matter the breed of dog – what she did should be a felony. But to stab a husky to death? One of the gentlest dogs on the planet?


A year ago, after my beloved Bailey (a Nova Scotia Retriever that I had adopted) passed away from nasal cancer, I adopted “Jett.” Jett came from Kentucky; his mom was a full-blooded Siberian husky – his dad – a Mountain Feist, which is hill-country speak for terrier mix (usually used for squirrel hunting). Jett came from Appalachia badly abused by men. It has been a year now and he is still skittish around the many nice guys I know. But I can tell you this: Jett – like most Huskies – would not hurt a fly. He, true to the husky breed, is sweet – even polite. He is also intelligent and fun loving – the opposite of an attack dog … .

For Mrs. Ahearn to kill her husband’s Husky in the midst of a brawl was cruel – and a crime. The Husky most likely just stood there and watched as she stabbed away.

We hope this isn’t a trend in Worcester. A few months ago another asshole – in the midst of a dispute with neighbor/their pitbull – stabbed the pitbull (who was attacking his Akita – another fighter/tough as nails dog breed) to death. And a few months before this: Canterbury Street – site of the killing of three or four kittens by some jerk with a pellet gun.

Has this person been arrested?

We need to change the laws in the US. We need to be more Western European here. Dogs, cats and other companion animals should not be property – chattel to do with what you please. They should be free individuals with the God given right to safety, health, life and happiness.

Please, Mr. Early, do not let Mrs. Ahearn get away with this cruel, cruel deed – a felony in most civilized societies.

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