Wonderpoop’s granny!

Yup, the info. re: Wondershit just keeps coming our way. He’s scrubbed this post about his grandmother, so it must be true! Road trip, anyone? Vroom! Vroom! – R.T.

My Grandma

By By Wonderpoop

This is a photo taken circa 1929 of my great grandmother Doris Agatha and her daughter Marguerite Louise.
We were at a small family – 54 bodies – gathering this weekend in Exeter, New Hampshire, where your humble poster’s family is concentrated.
The stories, anecdotes, and general family history shared this weekend I’ll never forget. A couple of interesting facts. My mom is one of twelve children – I knew that, but wanted to mention … My GGF mom’s side was a Hussar. I sorta knew that. And my Nana is one of seven girls – I didn’t know that.
My Nana, Doris Agatha was a dour ole gal with no sense of humor and most definitely wasn’t quick with a smile – frowns were her forte [because she was as emotionally constipated as I am!]. But what I remember most about her – she could cook! [Her Koolaid was the best!]

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