Wonderpoop’s identity

You know, people hate Wonderpoop so intensely that even though he scrubbed his website of his more personal posts (hints to his id – pretty much the first two years he blogged), I am getting anonymous tips re: Wondershit.

Apparently, people have a dossier on this guy – have been copying and filing away stuff he’s written about everybody.

Here’s what I just got, from “a friend,” re: Wondershit.

The comments/info are no longer on his blog but we have them here … R.T.

Anonymous said…
What’s your ride?

February 13, 2009

Will W. W. said…
A 07 GSX-R600 in black.
Wanna race?
February 14, 2009

another comment:

Will W. W. said…

Paulie: checked your link out. Very nice! My middle name is Paul. Maybe we’re related?
August 25, 2008

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