Wondershit on Worcester Mag (I told you he hates everybody! – R. T.)

This guy hates the world! He has no values, no moral compass. An egomaniac filled with hatred for this city, its people and (most likely, ultimately) himself.

– R. T.

Here it is:

WOMAG, a crock of…

By Wondershit

“WOMAG, a crock of…

“I think we can all agree that Worcester Magazine is a cruel joke perpetrated on the locals.

Some locals think when God created journalists he forgot to endow WOMAG’s writers with impartiality and critical reasoning. But we think it’s not just a WOMAG thing, it pervades all of the local media outlets. An outsider reading WOMAG, the T&G, or InCity Times, or listening to WTAG will readily recognize that Worcester’s media is bereft of anything resembling journalistic standards.

WOMAG without a doubt is a shadow of its former self, desperately trying to find it’s place in the Worcester media landscape, management has resorted to desperate measures to make itself relevant to the locals (and save a dime at the same time) … . Are they sure they want to do this to themselves?

Well, one intrepid poster had the courage to call WOMAG’s Jeremy Shulkin’s latest journalistic farce, a crock of shit, and we agree. Actually the comments are better than the story – a local telling it like it is. The exchange is amusing, WOMAG’s crack reporter squirming, trying to justify himself. The exchange confirms what we already knew, the strong bias and ineptitude in their reporting.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

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