Worcester♥️ Photo📸 Wrap-up💝!! + more👕

This morning. A shopping cart sullies our Blackstone River Road driveway😢😢😢:
pics + text by Rose T.

This does the neighborhood no favors …

But for the YES!!! HOORAY! file …
we were thrilled to see all the over-growth cut down on this side of Blackstone River Road! Sidewalk clear – and walkable!

Of course, the landlord was annoyed that he/she had to step up for THE URBAN GOOD, so now he/she is selling the HUGE PARKING lot! Maybe the multifamily next to it … There were for-sale signs with a phone number posted. Another slumlord on the way? Or an oblivious-to-the-locals gentrifier who sees the future galloping towards Blackstone River Road – Canal District Part 2?

Yesterday to see this – the FREE BUS FOR SOME FOLKS$!! Of course, their windows are painted over!

Worcester is turning into a 2-tier city on this side of Park Ave! The Canal District money $people and the poor folks of the neighborhood/city who are NOT ALLOWED ON THE BUS:
CD developers ALLEN FLETCHER, ED MURPHY AND “DINO”‘s bus! They also bought land for parking lots to pick up CD shoppers EVERY 10 MINUTES!!! on MY SIDE of Green Island, anticipating even more gentrification – even more displacement of poor residents!

They create OTHERNESS in our community!!!


A positive: Ron O’Clair walked down his street, Main, a few days ago to attend the neighborhood’s WPD-sponsored National Night Out. The city’s beloved community leader Brenda Jenkins organized the huge Main South block party! There was music, dancing, BBQ, kids games, visitors from the WPD mounted unit, politicians … and good vibes between Worcester police officers and the neighborhood folks:
WPD Chief Steve Sargeant – good guy. LET’S GET THOSE WPD BODY CAMS on our officers, Chief! For the community’s welfare – and your guys’/gals’! photos: Ron O’Clair

Enjoying the fun night! 300+ people attended! cutlines: Rose T.

Kids dunk tank!

Lots of info for folks and a BBQ tent where yummies were cooked and served!

D 4 City Councilor Sarai Rivera and friend!

“The lineup”!!

WPD’s finest! So beautiful!

Worcester’s longest-serving mayor – Joseph Petty:
He’s well-loved because he’s a UNITER! Mayor Petty is modest, honest, real, direct, caring – never hogs the lime-light! He brings us all together – cares about city kids, their education, our urban neighborhoods, small biz folks. He’s fair and, best of all, a genuinely GOOD PERSON!

🇺🇸🇺🇸 Hero:
Thank you! We so ♥️ your bravery and dedication – your love of country … your service to America!



Wonderful Toni Morrison interview: