Worcester City Council agenda for Tuesday, Nov. 20

This august body meets tomorrow, Tuesday, November 20, at 7 p.m. The fate of Worcester’s affordable housing stock/policy will be discussed about 7 p.m.  Click on link below. – R. T.


The 10% affordable housing “cap” – a red herring

NOTE: We need to remember: the 10% figure re: the limit some folks are suggesting for Worcester’s affordable housing stock was NOT set by the state for cities like Worcester – or even towns in MA. The 10% is the quota the state established for affordable housing in all communities before it stepped in and overrode the town or city’s zoning laws. In other words, if a municipality wasn’t at 10%, then the state would allow affordable housing developers to circumvent the snob zoning laws in that city or suburbs to build their housing units. The state was/is telling these municipalities: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS AMOUNT OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING – 10% –  IN YOUR COMMUNITY, THEN YOUR ZONING RULES CAN BE CHANGED – a developer can come into your community and develop affordable housing on land/lots that are smaller than the tracts of land your local zoning laws permit.
That is where the 10% comes from. It was in no way a “goal” the state was asking cities like Boston, Worcester or Lowell to meet. Or any community, for that matter. – R.T. 


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