Worcester City Council meeting tomorrow, Tues., Sept. 24 … AND Lafayette Street tree pic, plus Bobby Largesse’s Canal District dump

By Rosalie Tirella

Lost and losing circumstances????

Meeting at City Hall, Main Street – 7 p.m. If you would like to talk to the circus/exotic animal issue or the foreclosure mediation program issue (City Mananger Mike O’Brien is against it, even though Woo and the City Council is for it)  show up a bit earlier than 7 p.m. The City Council hears folks on issues the council is studying/voting on BEFORE THEIR MEETING BEGINS. You have about 3 minutes to get your points, hopes and dreams across … .


For Worcester City Council agenda, click here!



Peggy Middaugh of the Worcester Tree Initiative has identified this Lafayette Street spot as TREE READY! 3-tree ready! Hooray! The property is owned by CDC Worcester Community Housing Resources, headed by our ol’ pal Dominic M.

Here’s hoping they jump on this opportunity PRONTO!



Then, we travel from Lafayette Street to nearby Millbury Street to take a gander at Millbury Street, now part of the chi chi Canal District … and we see the neighborhood”s BIGGEST EYE SORE … THIS BOARDED UP BUILDING (for years!) that runs the length of two or three stores (to the right – we missed a good chunk of it when we took our pic – it used to be a hardware  store – Sadek’s – in the 1950s and 1960s). The dump is shamelessly put out there for all to despise by its owner Bobby Largesse – a Canal District Task Force and Alliance member (for 10 years!). Bob’s building has looked like this for YEARS!!! He used to own the package store to the left – the old McGoverns – and that place was also a filthy eye sore – ruining the street he is trying to lift up. It was very recently repainted/improved by its new owner. But for years, folks in the hood lived with the ugle McGoverns – and the ugly store front.  Bobby couldn’t even get a neighborhood guy to paint the front of the building. Cheap Cosmetics …

How insane! Largesse sits on the Canal District Task Force and is one of the area’s biggest cheerleaders!

The notoriously famous cheap skate would have had to spend a little money to make his property presentable. He didn’t want to. SO FOR YEARS PEOPLE HAVE TO LOOK AT URBAN GARBAGE.

The Canal District – Millbury Street –  looks pretty nice these days, except for the property owned by Canal District member Bobby Largesse. Can’t the city condemn the building and raze it???




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