Worcester City Council meets this coming Tues.; Economic Development committee meets Wed., Oct. 23 … and some GIRLS

… City Council meeting begins at 7 p.m. City Hall, Main Steet. Click here to see agenda!

Also, the city council Economic Development committee will be meeting to discuss a FOOD TRUCK ordinance.


We wholeheartedly support food trucks!

Get them on the city hall common on Sundays, when people are enjoying our common …. sitting on benches, chatting, walking their dogs! There is NO place to grab a gyro, or veggie wrap, etc when you are hanging about in the centor of our city. There is so much more activity – the good kind as in young people and young couples  – on our City Hall common these days! Bring on the food trucks so people can gnosh and socialize! There are no neighboring small biz folks to worry about! No one will be put outa biz cuz of food trucks! Especially on a Sunday or Saturday!

Let’s make downtown come alive again!
Click here Agenda for Economic Development Meeting



AND…..Why can’t our city council meetings be as fun as this???

Or: as honest as this??

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