Worcester City Council needs to watch this TV special on the pitbulls of Michael Vicks

By Rosalie Tirella

They need to learn how incredible pit bulls are.

It’s a National Geographic channel special: Michael Vicks’ pitbulls – what happens to them after they are rescued and brought to Dogtown, the nation’s largest no-kill animal shelter. It’s a “Dogtown” TV show dedicated to these poor animals who football pro/murderer Michael Vicks tortured/fought/drowned/raped on his compound down South.

You meet these poor souls(pitbulls): Cherry, the bait dog, a dog so fearful, so broken (she is naturally submissive so Vicks threw her in with the fighters he was grooming so they could practically kill her and, thus, gain self-confidence). It takes months for Cherry to stop trembling when a person gently pets her head. Then there’s a big, beautiful pitbull with teeth pulled (so she could be raped by other dogs – and bred). Vicks “home” is/was nothing but a torture chamber – blood and fighting pits and metal wheels and chains … Like ancient Rome – only the slave-gladiators were the dogs.

Why Vicks wasn’t given the death sentence – or life in prison, I’ll never know. Instead, he served a year or so and is back … playing football.

Vicks, the piece of shit, surely deserves to die.

But I digress. All but two of Vicks’ pitbulls were able to be healed – and placed in loving homes.

Thank God for the wonderful young men and women of Dog Town and the camera crew of the Dog Town show! The special was a great documentary – with no sensationalism.

Please, City Councilors and Worcesterites, check it out. And then vote on our city’s pit bulls.

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