Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes getting her shit together …


… at her shit-hole!  Aka her 21 Sigel St. property in Green Island. Hooray!!! Finally!!!

I drove by Konnie’s Green Island two-family “house” yesterday! Looking better! Front windows (once broken) – now replaced. Side yard – once garbage-choked –  now home to just one toilet!!! One toilet! Yipee!!!

Did the miracle happen cuz Konnie and Jim were dragged into Worcester Housing Court by City of Worcester inspection and code depts?

Or was it due to the fact that Wendy Diaz, sloppy first-floor tenant, has permanently decamped to Florida and Konnie kicked out her remaining loser relatives – her son and nephew? So … no one home on first floor! New, non-slob tenants coming soon??!

Meanwhile, Maryann, second floor tenant, is still incommunicado. She has never made trouble. She is 79 years old and needs help!  Her place is a dump. Hope Konnie and hubby Jim do right by frail senior citizen Maryann and replace her toilet, fix her water faucets and install a heating system ASAP!

But this is a step in the right direction!

– R. Tirella

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