Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes’ slummy back porches

I was driving around Crompton Park a few days ago when I stopped at a red light and was able to take a good long look at Worcester City Councilor Konstantina (aka Konnie) Lukes’ Millbury Street property – specifically the back porches of the three decker. Pathetic.



I went out with a contractor for several years who knew all about buildings and building codes. I learned that little kids and babies are important, and they can fall off a poorly constructed three decker back or front porch. One IMPORTANT construction reg: the railings on your back porches should be sturdy – not made of shit wood – and they should be be spaced so many inches apart SO THAT A BABY OR LITTLE KID CAN’T STICK HER HEAD THROUGH THE SPACE OR HER BODY THROUGH THE GAP AND FALL TO HER DEATH. There are building code regs, LAWS, that address this. A construction worker would be doing his job illegally if he/she failed to build the porches correctly, make them “up to code.” It goes beyond doing a “Mickey Mouse” job.

Look at Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes’ back porches: See the huge spaces between the cheapo sticks of wood? Dangerous and illegal.

Where is the City of Worcester Building Code Department?

Is everyone asleep at the wheel on Meade Street? ! Or are they just looking the other way because Lukes is a city councilor? Is it OK to slap some particle board across the mess on the third floor and call it a day?

The Lukes must have known they were endangering little kids’ lives because they slapped big, ugly brown particle board planks ACROSS the railings to reinforce things. Make the back porches “safe.” What a joke. You’ve still got ugly, ugly unsafe back porches. I’d like to meet their “licensed” contractor – ha ha.

THANK YOU, Worcester City Councilor Konstantina Lukes for stooping so low! Your HYPOCRITICAL, slumlord heart knows no boundaries as you talk the talk about making Worcester a world-class city and then pull THIS SHIT in our urban neighborhoods.

I will be down to Meade Street, this afternoon, with these photos, Konnie.

– Rosalie Tirella