Worcester Magazine “slimes” cartoonist

By Rosalie Tirella

So, the super rats at Worcester Magazine have dumped Wormtown cartoonist/chronicler Doug Chapel. Pathetic. They can certainly afford to pay Chapel the measly $100 per month for the two bi-weekly columns he drew for them. His cartoon doesn’t even take up much space! (It was reduced from a half-page “strip” to coaster-size a while ago, making it hard to read/truly appreciate.) So instead of making the words/ideas even smaller, Jim Keogh and crew completely zapped it.

This has nothing to do with bucks. What Keogh and crew can’t afford to do is publish a point of view that doesn’t mirror theirs. Doug’s point of view is cool but cranky; sometimes he’s even critical of the way things go down in this city. But make no mistake, he’s a Worcester lover. Why ban a fan? More important, why ban a fan who is young, artistic, committed to the city and respects/trusts his community enough to be 100% honest with readers?

Dougie, I feel your pain!

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