Worcester, we must not become indifferent to our homeless neighbors!

Text and photos by Rosalie Tirella

Thanksgiving Day 2021: Park Ave, Worcester.

WE ARE ALL INTER-CONNECTED! We must care for our homeless because it’s the Christian thing to do – and it’s what COMMUNTIES DO for their neighbors. This scene (below) must NOT be WORCESTER’S NEW NORMAL! We must have empathy. Our political leaders must build more affordable housing. They must connect with Washington DC to GET MORE APT VOUCHERS FROM THE FEDERAL GOVT/HUD. Last time we got 10 vouchers! Ridiculous!! We’re a city of 200,000+!!! The second largest city in New England!! HUD must step up!

Today: Worcester, heading up Jefferson Street.

Worcester MUST BUILD TINY HOUSES, create unique housing, repurpose train box cars…create tiny home communities! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, Worcester!

… This afternoon: heading to the Canal District – on Jefferson Street. I took the photo and the tears flowed. Don’t pretend you don’t see this suffering, Worcester! In the richest country on earth! In our beloved city we have people sleeping on sidewalks, in parks, near railroad tracks and by shopping malls. I never saw this much despair as a kid or teen growing up in Green Island – and we were the poorest of the poor! We cannot become numb, indifferent to our neighbors’ suffering! CHANGE, WORCESTER!

Worcester: Millbury Street lined with homeless folks and their gear, from Kelley Square to Endicott Street.

Worcester: the Canal District, Green Street, by the bridge: 15 or so homeless folks sleeping, eating, sheltering there every day. WORCESTER NEEDS MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING!