Worcester’s Arbor Day celebration and tree planting at North High School – Friday, May 2!

Friday, May 2, 10 AM

Worcester will be celebrating Arbor Day with a ceremony and tree planting on Friday, May 2nd at North High School.

Beginning at 8 am, students from the Life Skills and AP Environmental classes will help unload the truck, dig holes, and plant trees.

WTI trainers will demonstrate the appropriate techniques for planting a tree and supervise students. Eleven Bald Cypress and ten Black Gum trees will be planted in the 3 parking lot islands.

Speaking Agenda will begin at 10:00AM, followed by a ceremonial tree planting:
10:00 – Welcome – Lisa Dyer, Principal, North High
Speakers include: City Manager Ed Augustus, Senator Harriette Chandler, WTI Co-chair Mary Knittle, Isaiah Sierra (student representative), Frankie Franco (student representative)
10:45 Ceremonial Tree Planting
11:00 – 1:00 Planting demonstrations and tree planting

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