Wow! What a lovely “site”! Rush Street Gaming plans to build a Walmart-like …

Photo: Our first chance to see their "vision."  A sea of asphalt parking lots filling Kelley Square with a small jumble of three buildings in the center. Since Rush habitually scales back from their initial "grand" proposals used to sell the public on projects, it was genuinely surprising just how underwhelming the vision presented was.

… building in the Canal District (on the Wyman Gordon site)! Look at their slots parlor site plan! Look at that ugly BIG BOX!

These billionaires aren’t dopes: they have hired the priciest, most-connected lawyers in the city to do their bidding. Lawyers with old Worcester money, blue blood roots and a ton of clout: Fletcher (Allen Fletcher’s older, more sedate brother), Tilton and Whipple.


– R. Tirella

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