WPD police officers out of our Worcester Public High Schools!📚 … and Chef Joey recipe + more🎶

By Rosalie Tirella

We agree with the Worcester parents, teachers and students who are calling for the REMOVAL of WPD police presence – daily – at our WPS. One cop per Worcester public high school – stationed there every day. A few others for our city’s public junior highs … Pointless, a waste of taxpayer money, DEPRESSING FOR THE STUDENTS. Sends a wrong message to students: You are criminals, we are WATCHING you.

Burncoat Senior High School♥️. pics: Rose T.

Wow. I can imagine me, the Burncoat Senior High junior, coming to Burncoat to be greeted by a cop, all in blue, gun in holster? His police cruiser in my school parking lot – where my fave teacher, Mr. Caron, my chemistry teacher, parks his car. Where my friend parks her old Nova – urban special. The school I love, where I meet my friends and study hard … Wow. Get rid of the police uniform in our schools.

Vernon Hill School – Rose’s old Providence Street Junior High School. … WPD police officers in Worcester’s junior highs, too.

If there is an emergency/need, ok – the principals must dial 911. Other than that, use the money TO HIRE A MINORITY TEACHER WHO TEACHES BLACK STUDIES – FROM AFRICA all the way to present day South Africa, America. Plus: jazz, the blues, the foundation artists of rock n roll. Play John Coltrane – don’t train guns on our kids. Most good. Many neglected. Many deprived.










Text and pics by Chef Joey

Here is an easy summer recipe that’s fun to make and pretty inexpensive, if you use real ingredients.

I happen to buy one coconut – they cost a dollar. I drilled a hole, drained it, cracked it open…

I removed the coconut meat and put it in the food processor. … or coconut was all I needed for this whole cake. The other time consuming ingredient is a cup and a half cooked carrots …


… that are mashed. The rest of the cake is easy!

So take 3 cups of flour and one cup of sugar.

Add 1 tablespoon cinnamon

1 tablespoon of baking soda

1 teaspoon of salt and mix it all together …


Add 1 cup of vegetable oil

and 1 1/3 cup of crushed pineapple – juice taken away. Then add your cooked carrots and four eggs, well beaten – mix together by hand if you want.

You can add crushed walnuts – add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and stir well.

Pour batter into two greased 9 inch cake pans or, if you prefer to make muffins, this recipe will make approximately 36 muffins. Pour into muffin tin trays … or you can mix it up like I did in McMuffins! Bake at 375 for 30 minutes for cake … approximately 15 minutes for cupcakes.


Cool completely before frosting – frosting is real easy! I took a tablespoon of flour, put it in a pan and added a little milk. I added two containers of Greek yogurt and confectioner sugar. Mix over a low heat until it thickens for a few minutes – set aside and then add a stick of softened butter.


Mix together. When the yogurt cools, frost – fewer calories than cream cheese! Enjoy!♥️