Yay, CNN!!!!!

We think it’s so important that mainstream media expose the REAL AMERICAN farming industry! American farms are not some bucolic fantasy! More American papers and tv news shows need to run reports like CNN’s (see below) so ALL Americans see what really goes on at these agri-complexes. Even family farms send their livestock to slaughterhouses. … Americans are good people and will demand changes, humane treatment of cows, chickens, pigs, lambs … . State houses to the White House – let’s bombard these American institutions with the truth! They MUST REPRESENT us, WE THE PEOPLE, and we the people DEMAND a new day dawn on factory farms. – R. Tirella


CNN investigative correspondent Chris Frates is being awarded the Ann Cottrell Free Animal Reporting Award by the National Press Club for his work to expose animal abuse in the meat industry.

Frates’ series gave audiences an eye-opening look at the pervasive abuse and neglect that animals endure on farms. One of his reports broke PETA’s investigation of a worldwide leader in pig production, which revealed that pigs who were severely sick or injured were commonly left to suffer for days before finally dying or being hauled to slaughter.

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