Yesterday afternoon my friend Patty gave me a bunch of fresh veggies from her organic garden …

… on her farm. She made good on her promise to ” hook me up” with fresh produce from her farm all summer long! Here are the goodies in my kitschy kitchen this morning!


Some of which I threw into a bowl for breakfast. The mint also went into my lemonade tea … deelish!


A bagel rounded things off.


I have so many good people in my life – people who worry about me/help me out! For instance this ICT website – – that you’re visiting … . It’s been redesigned, gussied up by the big sis of my ol’ Burncoat Senior High best gal pal! For free! As a gift for InCity Times 14th birthday! Thank you, Sally!!! You’re the best!!!

I am … blessed …

– Rosalie Tirella