Yesterday’s celebrations: Worcester’s CDCs shine at City Hall and Jimi would have turned 70

Well, our CDC’s shined last night at Worcester’s City Council meeting! Their representatives stood tall and told the city council – or anyone who doubts their great work:


Tour our units/buildings! Look at all the property taxes we pay to the city! In fact, we just paid $100,000 in fees. Best of all, our homes stay affordable for the next working family who wants to buy them (no building-flipping here, folks!). Neighborhoods stabilize – bloom.

Fantastic! Let’s all work together to make Worcester GREAT!

Another celebration – though it would be wonderful if he were still alive making music:

Jimi Hendrix’s 70th birthday: celebrate with this classic interview. Printed in The Guardian. (click on links below to hear/see J.H.) – R.Tirella

From The Guardian:

The guitarist and songwriter – born 27 November 1942 – found fame in the UK first. Here’s an interview from when he burst to the scene in the States, published in the Detroit Free Press on 28 August 1967 – courtesy of Rock’s Backpages, the world’s leading archive of vintage music journalism,

By Loraine Alterman

Guitar hero … Jimi Hendrix in 1967. The songwriter would have turned 70 today. Photograph: Herb Schmitz/Rex Features

No exaggeration: the Jimi Hendrix Experience is the most exciting act I have yet seen in pop music.

A small, musically hip group of kids turned out to see Jimi at the Fifth Dimension in Ann Arbor recently. Jimi, his bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell are creating a sensation in England and Europe – but the word hasn’t spread here yet.

On stage, Jimi, with hair a la Dylan, puts on a show with his brilliant guitar playing and electric stage presence. While performing, Jimi swings the guitar in back of him and plays it resting on his back. He also zings it with his teeth or falls to the floor to play it. Sometimes (but not at the Fifth Dimension), he burns it at the end of his set. In Ann Arbor, when his amplifier blew, he flung the amp to the floor at the end of his last set and jumped up and down on top of it.

Paradoxically, he never blows his cool. While he’s frantic, he’s casual. … .

To read more, click on the link below. R.T.:

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