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AMERICAN IDEALS – AMERICA! – always in style! (especially in Worcester😄)


TOMORROW! Tuesday, Jan. 31

Before the Worcester City Council meeting!

6 p.m.



pic: R.T.

This demonstration, in support of Worcester’s immigrants and refugees, is to show THE CITY AND THE WORLD that Donald Trump and City Councilor Michael Gaffney’s hate-filled demagoguery has no place in Worcester! They will not score political points with our most vulnerable people – most of them women and children (under 12 years of age!)!

Let’s stop the madness in Worcester!

This demonstration is organized by Showing Up for Racial Justice Worcester. To learn more and sign up, check out their FB page!

Go, Worcester, go!

Go, Mayor Petty, go!

GO, AMERICA, GO!!!!!!!!!

pic: R.T.

– Rosalie Tirella

A rejuvenated downtown Worcester – always in style!

The holidays are upon us!!!!     pics: R.T.


FRIDAY – Dec 2!

5 p.m. to 9 p.m.




🎵🎵 MUSIC!!!!!!!!



☕☕☕☕HOT COCOA!!!!!!!


FREE TO ALL! Yipee!!!!

Be there!

The Woo Holiday Festival – 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

On the Worcester Common, behind City Hall, 455 Main St.

Rose and Christmas balls

Doing the American thang!

The Trump protest in front of Worcester City Hall, today, Nov. 12. A few hundred folks took to the sidewalk in front of the granite and cement symbol of Woo city govt (ha!) waving placards about our new prez and some of his nuttier proposals. They opined, the cops reclined (checking their cell phones).

My fave posters? “FUCK THE WALL” and “Honk if you’re horny!”

This President is gonna be: 1. a nightmare 2. a gold mine for satirists, SNL and ICT! –  right up (down) there with Tricky Dick and Bedtime-for-Bonzo Reagan.   -text/pics: Rosalie Tirella









Cece! (I can’t help myself – she’s so tiny and FUN!)

In Worcester government, Discrimination = Disparate Impact

Dr. Carter – Worcester’s Chief Diversity Officer

By Gordon Davis

Disparate Impact discrimination is the legal term that describes discrimination without animus.

It usually is found as a policy that results in an adversely negative impact on a protected class based on a so called neutral or nondiscriminatory policy.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has ruled that criminal records disclosures can be considered disparate impacts.

It and other organization have created new policies to ensure that people who have been formerly incarcerated or arrested will get at least a chance for an interview when applying for work.

Another example of disparate impact is the so called School to Jail Pipeline which many people consider racist because it affects a disproportional number of Black Latino and poor students. The institutional mechanism and policies of the School to Jail Pipeline negatively affects all students.

The School to Jail Pipeline’s policies are racist, not because it is based on any negative animus but because it has a disproportional negative impact on Black, Latino and other students.

The solution to the disproportionally negative impact is a rewrite of policies. For Massachusetts the change has seemingly come in M.G.L. Chapter 222.

The opponents of the efforts to reform the policies leading to disparately negative impacts sometimes use the pretext of colorblindness.

We have seen this use by a local columnist to defend a lack of effective programs, the Worcester Police Department and people working in the Worcester Public Schools. In her recent column she said that white teachers are the victims.

A good teacher is a good teacher regardless of protected class or race. We should instead look at the policies that have the negative impact on our children.

It has been pointed out to me that the recent promotions of City of Worcester and Worcester Public School officials could be an example of Disparate Impact:

The present Commissioner of the Worcester Department of Public Works, Mr. Moosey, was, before he was appointed, the next in line to replace then DPW and P Commissioner Mr. Moylan.

Ms. Ledoux, the present Worcester City Clerk, was next in line when she was promoted and replaced her boss, David Rushford who recently retired.

The new City of Worcester Chief of Police, Mr. Sargent, was next in line when he was promoted to replace the retired Chief Gary Gemme.

All the people mentioned above are white and they were all well qualified for their experience and promoted to the top positions with in their respective departments.

There was one exception to this apparent policy of promoting the employee next in line: The Assistant Superintendent of our Worcester Public Schools was passed over in favor of a less qualified candidate. In this particular case the Assistant Superintendent is Latino and the less qualified candidate – now School Superintendent – is white.

In terms of unlawfulness this might not be disparate impact. The hiring process of department heads was not the same or similarly done, as was the hiring of the Worcester School Superintendent. The Worcester School Committee made the decision regarding the Superintendent. The aforementioned city department heads were appointed by either Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus or elected by the Worcester City Council.

Our School Suprintendent is hired by the Worcester School Committee.

However, the hiring of Maureen Benienda as School Superintendent certainly was not in compliance with Affirmative Action policies of the City of Worcester or their intent.

The policies were written to ensure that when a person in a protected class has the same or better qualifications as a candidate not in the protected class, the person in the protected class would be hired.

This Affirmative Action policy has worked very well for the Worcester Police Department for the protected class of armed forces veterans. One hundred percent of police cadets are veterans.

Is there animus in Worcester’s hiring practices?

Maybe there is.

Is there an adversely negative impact in Worcester’s hiring policies?

Yes, there is, as seen in the statistics.

All of the promotions to department heads have been white. The better qualified Latino candidate for School Superintendent is Latino and he was passed over.

Dr. Carter, the recent hire for the newly created Worcester Chief Diversity Officer position, does not seem to have any power to do anything significant.

I believe she is a good person in a position requiring moral courage.

Unfortunately, this was predicted during last summer Department of Justice “dialogues on race.”bThis writer said those “dialogues“ are a joke and that the position of Chief Diversity Officer would be just a token or crumb for “minorities” to fight over.

Gordy parked in A.I.

Root out racism at City Hall 5-17-16
Rallying for justice before the Worcester City Council Tuesday night! Photo by Bill Coleman
Not listening at Worcester City Hall

By Gordon Davis
On May 17, 2016, a coalition of individuals and groups held a protest rally outside of Worcester City Hall. The coalition was protesting a racist incident involving a City of Worcester employee – Michael Traynor, Chief Development Officer for the City of Worcester.

On April 1, 2016, Mr. Traynor got out of his car at Worcester City Hall and berated a Black man who was letting his family off on Front Street. Mr. Traynor admits saying to the Black man “Fucking Asshole.” Mr. Traynor denies he called him a “Fucking Asshole Nigger.” The Black man says he did.

There was an investigation by the Chief Diversity Officer of the City of Worcester, Dr. Malika Carter. It was reported that Mr. Traynor admitted to road rage in which he called a Black man a “fucking asshole.”

The City of Worcester has refused to release the investigatory report to the public and has turned away all questions by the media.  

The pretext given by the City is that it cannot release personnel data. This is nonsensical, as an investigatory report is not a personnel record and the City of Worcester has already released personnel data of Black people working for Mosaic.

The racist double standard is that Black workers who never worked for the City have their personnel records made public, while the Traynor investigatory report is kept secret. 

The coalition rallied outside in front of City Hall for 45 minutes and then spoke at the Worcester City Council meeting about the petition it had submitted. The petition was to make it City policy to release to the public all investigatory reports regarding City of Worcester employees accused of racist activities.

The petition was “filed” by City Councilor Michael Gaffney – the equivalent of being thrown into a bureaucratic waste bin. The City has refused to release other public records, such as records of complaints about racist incidents allegedly committed by the Worcester police.

One of the speakers for the coalition Tuesday night – me! – was surprised when Mayor Joe Petty gaveled me when I quoted the words admittedly used by Mr. Traynor: “fucking asshole.” This was surprising, as the Mayor cautioned me, and I was merely quoting Mr. Traynor! The Mayor never criticized Mr. Traynor for using those words when speaking to a City of Worcester resident.

Many people consider City Councilor Gaffney to be a racist for his insistence that a Black social service agency be audited while doing nothing when charges of illicit financial activity in the Police Summer Project are brought to his attention.

I believe Mr. Traynor used a racial slur in a road rage incident while working for the City of Worcester. Even if he did not utter the racial slur and only called the Black man a “fucking asshole” that is unprofessional behavior which could warrant a termination. City Manager Ed Augustus chooses to protect Traynor.

I will not be surprised when people start to say they are afraid to walk into Worcester City Hall because of possible unprofessional behavior of City employees. Instead of heading off this toxic behavior, City Manager Augustus – by his action and inactions – is fueling it.

Looking good, downtown Worcester!

As we tooled around the city Sunday, we caught these great holiday lamppost lights going up all along our grey Main Street. Yipee! Downtown Worcester needs a little Christmas – NOW!

Go, downtown Woo, go!

text+pics: R. Tirella



Downtown day dreams

By Rosalie Tirella

Driving around downtown Worcester is something I’ve been doing almost every day for the past 13 years – part of running InCity Times. I see what we all know: Our urban hub has zippo hub bub…

But yesterday I was longing, longing, longing, longing for a REAL DOWNTOWN! Like they have in Providence or Hartford … cities smaller and poorer than Worcester. Capital cities, yes, but should we use that as an excuse?

Yesterday, I wanted to do this in my city’s downtown:

Window shop for shoes

Buy a pretty wrist watch

Walk down a Front Street that was filled with people walking one way and people walking the other way

Buy and eat – at a soda fountain! – a hot fudge sundae

Meet a gal pal and catch a movie in the middle of the afternoon

Then go for drinks

Walk down Franklin Street holding hands with a great looking guy, his long hair whipping in the wind

Visit several shops and try on all kinds of pretty, sheer summer dresses

People watch

Strut down the sidewalk wearing a tight skirt and chunky sandals that let me walk kinda fast and feel free even though I am wearing a tight skirt

Throw loose change into the open guitar case of a street musician who is singing an old Bob Dylan song

Bump into someone I haven’t seen for months and chat with the person, standing in the middle of the sidewalk with all the pedestrians forced to walk around us and me having to say to my long-lost friend: We’re gonna get mowed down! Let’s move to the side, over here!

Feel part of something bigger – the human race in all its precarious glory!

Be alone yet feel connected cuz I’m walking with, shopping with, eating with, flirting with, looking at the hundreds of people who are traipsing through, running down, stumbling down, loitering in, shopping in, drinking at, arguing in, kissing in, shaking hands in, shaking fists at, loving, hating, NURTURING MY DOWNTOWN!

Just by showing up.

Hooray! Latin American Festival this Saturday!

A Worcester tradition! FREE ADMISSION!

In downtown Worcester!

Saturday, August 16

Noon – 9 p.m.

City Hall area, Main Street

Live Latin music on stage!

Latin American cuisine!

Beer garden!

Children’s tent and crafts!

Information tables!

Don’t miss Woo’s best fest!

For more information, please call 508.798.1900

… or visit:  worcesterlatinfestival.com

– R. T.


Support downtown Worcester! Farmers Market 11 a.m., City Hall common …

… Main Street. Today!  Thursday,  August 7!

Plus you get to hear some great ’60s music, courtesy of the band THROW BACK TO THE 1960s.


The band starts playing at noon. They’re on until 2 p.m. (I love the incredible, often times groundbreaking music of the ’60s! Name me a Baby Boomer who doesn’t!)

Tables are set up, with pretty umbrellas to shade you. Plenty of room for dancing on the plaza!

Come buy fresh, local fruit, veggies and other goodies at the farmers market, then eat some of your treats/lunch, and then dance in the summer sun!

Support downtown Worcester!

– R. T.